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Welcome to EcoAlgarve

EcoAlgarve is a sustainability initiative based in southern Portugal, where we strive to find solutions to the global problem of limited resources and over-consumption.

Our approach is novel and unconventional and we are far from your average eco-warriors. We understand the desire to change the current system, we do too but our approach is perhaps less radical, solution based and cuts to heart of the problem, global over-consumption.

Our mission is to demonstrate the effects of our consumer habits and the irreversible impact it's having on our planet and to offer practical and desirable alternatives.

The money you spend and how you spend it is the most powerful weapon we have against climate change. Spending and investing wisely can bring about immediate change. No need for the slow process of government lobbying and protest, a switch in your buying habits will bring about immediate change that can't be ignored.

It's an uphill battle against multinational corporations and even governments who wish you to buy indiscriminately, "because you're worth it".

Our method it to counter the misinformation about the value of products, for example the hidden facts about electric cars (EV's). EcoAlgarve also sponsors the CdC Project, a research and activity centre focussed on innovative solutions to global and local environmental issues.
We hope you will take the time to read through the contents of this site and would very much welcome your feedback, suggestions and support.



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