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The EcoAlgarve story began in 2006 with the objective to reform and restore a series of buildings and land in the Algarve region of Portugal with minimal impact on the environment. Formerly a builder’s yard in a rural setting, the task of reinstating the landscape and upgrading the buildings was huge, especially with regard to the land transformation which due to the rocky terrain, required the removal and recycling of many tons of building waste by hand before landscaping could begin.

During the transformation process we realized that there was an opportunity to share our knowledge and invite people who could learn and participate in the project. The next step was to create awareness through various helper/volunteer web sites which proved successful, with applications arriving from all over the globe.

The following few years saw the implementation of several infrastructure projects. Without a water suppl, we decided to harvest rain water, requiring the construction of a sizeable underground cistern and the design of intelligent distribution and water heating systems for the buildings and landscape.

In 2015, the idea to create a cultural centre with the emphasis on sustainability was born. Work then began on creating a multi-purpose venue and café within an existing warehouse. The working title for the new venture is The CdC Project.

We are now in the process of forming an official cultural association under which a wide range of activities can be performed, all with the common thread of sustainability. The main focus will be on education with various group activities such as repair workshops, gardening and landscaping courses, culinary activities and social groups to name just a few. These activities will take place in our converted warehouse, terraces and gardens, which can be configured for multiple small groups or larger events hosting up to 200 people.

Fast forward to 2022….:  Last year we were hoping to open our doors to the public and commence some activities, starting with the café and smaller groups, however due to the pandemic our springtime launch had to be cancelled. Instead, we have been busying ourselves with more infrastructure projects and developing the fruit and kitchen gardens. We are very fortunate that during the pandemic, life here has changed very little and we have been able to maintain our normal routines and continue our quest to help create a sustainable world.
Thank you for taking the time to read this story, we would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested to participate in the project or activities.   




Vivenda dos tres pinheiros
Cerro da Cruz
Algarve  Portugal


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